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Moving Update

Hi everyone.

It's been awhile since our last update. However, after (finally) getting through a nearly eight month licensing process that includes a Character and Fitness application, the MPRE, and passing a Bar Exam consisting of the MEE, MPT, and MBE (not to mention moving, unpacking, and getting a house in a livable condition), we can announce that we are in the final stages of moving our practice to Minnesota.

Towards this end, it is important to make note of a few things going forward.

First, we are not currently accepting Wisconsin referrals. While we are still maintaining our license in Wisconsin for the time being, the ultimate plan is to practice exclusively in Minnesota. While this plan might change going forward, for the near future our Wisconsin practice will be limited to current and former clients only. If you are one of those current or former clients, don't worry. We're still available to work with you, it'll just take more work on the scheduling end.

Second, we said earlier that we are in the "final stages" of moving to Minnesota. We still have a few administrative things to do on our end before we'll be officially ready to begin accepting clients here. We hope and expect to have everything done in the next few weeks but until then, consider this a "preview" of things to come.

Third, and finally, with the move things are obviously in flux. This includes our contact information. You might have noticed that addresses and phone numbers on our webpage have changed. We expect them to change again as we get set up with a proper office. Therefore, until things get finalized, the best way to reach us is by email at

Thanks for your time and we hope to have another update for you in the near future.

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