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Estate Planning Preparedness Quiz

The quiz below is provided to help potential clients gauge how well they have already planned for their future and what additional steps they may need to take to successfully pursue their dreams. You do not need to contact us to complete this quiz, and can score your own answers by using the scoring key at the bottom of this page.


However, if you want to talk about the results of your quiz in more detail with one of our attorneys, you may do so by filling in the appropriate contact information at the end of the quiz and clicking the "Done" button. By doing so, you agree that we may follow-up with you to discuss your results in more detail. This is a free, complementary service, and after speaking with us you are under no further obligation. 

Quiz Scoring Key


Question 1:  18-34 = 1 Point, 35-44 = 2 Points, 45-54 = 3 Points, 55-64 = 4 Points, 65+ = 5 Points    Question 2: Married = 5 Points, Unmarried = 1 Point   


Question 3: Yes  = 5 Points, No  = 1 Point    Question 4: Yes = 1 Point,  No = 5 Points, I Don't Know = 3 Points    Question 5: Yes = 5 Points, No = 1 Point


Question 6: Yes = 5 Points, No = 1 Point    Question 7: Yes = 1 Point, No = 5 Points    Question 8: Yes = 1 Point, No = 5 Points, I Don't Know = 3 Points


Question 9: Yes = 5 Points, No = 1 Point




You Scored:


Between 5 - 17 (LOW NEED):


Based on your responses, you don't appear to have an immediate need for estate planning. This might be because you have already adequately planned, or because your life circumstances do not make it critical that you have a comprehensive estate plan in place. However, because life is unpredictable and your situation can change rapidly as a result, it is a good idea to periodically review your estate plan every few years.


Between 18 - 32 (MODERATE NEED): 


Based on your responses, your situation is complex enough that you would likely benefit from additional estate planning. This might be because your current estate plan is out of date, or because your family situation makes it likely you would need more comprehensive planning. Talking with an attorney can help you find any areas of your estate plan that need attention.


Between 33 - 45 (CRITICAL NEED):


Based on your responses, you are currently underprepared for the future. Failure to adequately estate plan can have a number of negative consequences for you and your family, including not having anyone to take care of your kids if you become sick or injured, not having anyone to act for you if your are in the hospital and cannot make your wishes known, and the need to pay taxes after your death.


We strongly recommend you contact an attorney to discuss your current situation and to design an estate plan to make a more secure future for yourself and your family.


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